About Seeld

Seeld is a privacy-centric messaging system whose mission is to preserve the confidentiality of your exchanged messages

What, another messaging system?

Yes, but Seeld has been designed with total privacy and confidentiality at its core.
Every single bit of data you submit, whether it's a confidential message or a connection with a friend, has been protected against unsolicited access: from malevolent hackers to ill-advised government agencies... and from ourselves, the system administrators!

So, who can read my messages?

Only you and your messages' recipients.
To fully respect your privacy it essential that even system administrators cannot read your messages. Protecting your data from intruders is one thing, but full confidentiality is only achieved if we are technically unable to give up your data, even under a threat.
Seeld ensures that none of your information can be exposed, even if our databases and servers are compromised.

Encrypting your metadata!

When we say we encrypt every single bit of data, we mean it. So that includes your metadata: the information around your exchanged messages, such as who you are connected with.
The metadata can be as divulging as the message itself, so we make sure it gets the same encryption treatment as everything else.


Full Privacy By Design

Seeld has been designed so that even if our systems are compromised, your data will remain safe. As such, even our systems administrators are unable to peek at your messages!

PGP Encryption

Seeld relies on the unbroken and trusted PGP. The key used to encrypt/decrypt your data never travels on the web: it stays on your device!

Metadata Encrypted

Metadata (who you text and when) can be as divulging as messages. Seeld ensures that everything, including metadata, is kept safe from undesirable people.

Trusted Contacts Only

Only the persons you have accepted to trust can exchange messages with you. Intruders (spammers, scammers, etc.) are denied by default.

Easy To Use

Encryption does not have to be difficult. We worked hard to ensure that Seeld is easy and intuitive to use.

Made With Love... and Paranoia!

Seeld is a labour of love: we spent our time making sure it is trustworthy and beautiful to use. The paranoia bit helped us in making Seeld safe!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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At this time Seeld runs as a web application. Its user interface adapts itself whether it is running on a desktop, a laptop, a tablet or a mobile phone.
App versions for mobile phones and tablets will be developed pretty soon.
Seeld will run on any modern browser, so it will be accessible from Windows phones too.
A Windows App is not planned in the near future for technical reasons, although we hope we will get to it at some point!
It means that your data will remain safe even if our servers are compromised.
Of course we also take all the security precautions necessary to avoid intrusions, but at least your data won't be out in the wild if our security layers fail!
Metadata is the data that comes "around" your message: when was it sent, who was it sent to, etc.
It might not look as much, but metadata can be as divulging as the message itself. A recent Stanford study showed that telephone metadata can reveal "a wealth of detail about [a person's] familial, political, professional, religious, and sexual associations".
At the core of Seeld lies OpenPGP. OpenPGP uses keys: one key is shared with trusted friends so that they can write to you, the other key is used to decrypt the messages your friends send to you.
When you subscribe to Seeld, it generates those keys. The first one is shared with your friends, but the second one remains on your device. It never travels on the web.
Then you will effectively lose access to your data.
Let's examine this the other way around: if we were able to open your bank safe when you lose the keys, what would prevent us from opening it anytime we want?
We decided to make Seeld "fully private by design": no one but the owner of an account's keys can decrypt messages, and nobody can generate "backup" keys to access your data.
So the big rule of thumb here is: backup your keys! Copy them on a USB flash drive, and keep that somewhere safe!